We are a charity based in the North West of England. We set up in February 2015 in memory of Olivia Alice Walker who sadly died at the age of 15 on February 2014.

Olivia had complex medical needs and needed round the clock care from us as a family plus friends and carers. She depended on us all to feed her, wash her, dress her and most of all keep her company and make sure she was happy and in no pain. Olivia suffered with Epilepsy, Scoliosis, poor vision and Global Developmental Delay. She could not walk or talk but always communicated in her own special way. She spent a lot of time in hospital whether it was a quick visit for an appointment or a longer stay because of illness she still managed to be as happy and smiley as she could be through the tough times! Olivia had the best life we could possibly give her.

She was always out and about and always had a smile on her face which would guaranteed light up the room and make anyone who saw her smile too! Our aim is to help children with complex health needs who may need any equipment or a short break. The equipment that we purchase will be extremely helpful to these children that need it so they are able to have a better quality of life and spend it with their families. The short breaks are also to able the children get away for a short time to spend with family in an easy accessible venue.

We have a team of people who help us run this charity. And we have a lot of people supporting us with all the fundraising which we are very grateful for!