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Welcome To The Olivia Alice Foundation

"Helping children with complex medical needs get the best out of life"


The Olivia Alice Foundation was set up in September 2014 this is following the loss of Olivia in February 2014.

Olivia suffered with multiple complex health needs and was cared for by family and friends and trained carers, as she was completely dependent on others for her care.

As a family we decided to set up this charity in Olivia‘s name to raise funds for special medical equipment and days out for children who are in a similar situation.

Any medical equipment that was needed such as an Airvo machine would help children with complex health needs which can allow them to spend more time at home with their families than in hospital for months at a time.

Funds are raised to get the children out in the fresh air with organised trips to various venues and hopefully make their dreams come true.


As with any charity its the fund raising that gets the job done, so any donations towards our charity will help us a lot to be able to buy a specific equipment for a child that needs it.

It could give them a better quality of life and a lot more time with their family at home.

Or it could pay a small amount towards that trip out that puts a smile on their face.

To donate cash, please click on the link belowWe also accept any gifts that can be used as raffle prizes at one of our many functions.

Thank you for all your help it means a lot to us as a family to be able to make a difference to Olivia’s memoryThe Walker family.

A few people who we have already helped.

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